Monday, 23 March 2015

Day 11: Phoenix - A Lazy Day at the Ball Park

Is it possible to make laundry, groceries and work sound exciting and fun?!

Not possible.

Today my internet connection has been slow. Really slow.  As in it took over an hour to upload the 12-15 pictures for yesterday's blog kinda slow.

Just saying, today's blog may be a little thin on pictures.  That could be due to the fact that there were limited photo opts today.  Me, staring threateningly at the computer, willing it to download faster.  Me, glaring at the washing machine as it ate my quarters.  Me waltzing around Walmart. . . .Yeah, not so much.

That is OK, I was happy to lay low today - getting caught up and cleaned up.

The boys; however, had fun in the sun as they sat in the outfield watching the San Diego Padres trounce the Chicago White Sox 10-4 in a Cactus League Spring Training game.

Avisail Garcia, of the White Sox, even tossed Alexandre a ball between innings.

Tomorrow, we ride camels.......

I had a little friend snuggle up with me during the night when he woke
with a sore stomach. 

Calvin and Hobbes

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