Saturday, 14 March 2015

Day 1 and 2: Omak, Washington and Meridian, Idaho

Friday, March 13th, 2015

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Ah, the blissfully joy that comes on the last day of school before Spring Break.  Micha and I pulled up to Ben Lee Park and watched Dominic's class play soccer during the last block of the day.  Alex had a Science test - the joys of high school!

Ready, Set, Go!
The Gypsy Wagon books-it south.

Oops, didn't know about not bringing uncooked eggs across the line.  Happy eggs, Mr. Border man.  We careen into Ship Happens in Oroville, WA with 5 minutes to spare before the store closes.  My sorrow at the loss of my eggs is eclipsed by the receipt of a new food processor that I had ordered via  Nice!

Omak, WA.  Camping with the 'stars'?  

We decide to stop at the Walmart in Omak, WA for some groceries and free camping as it was already getting late.  We popped our US SIM cards into our phones only to see 'No Service'.  After many fruitless attempts to rectify the situation we head into Walmart to marvel at the many food-like substances for sale there.

How do I say, "No." to those faces?  Firmly, N. ..O...  

Note to self:  Parking under a street lamp when your trailer has a massive kitchen skylight is not conducive to restful sleeping.  

Saturday, March 14th, 2015

470 miles travelled

Head scratchers and eye-poppers:
  • Armoured personel carrier on a flat bed truck
  • Semi tractors with three trailers
  • Massive blue blow up dog at a car dealership
  • A suspected dead cow in a field, ew!
  • A dam
  • Cement factory with a dome structure
  • A church with three large golf ball like chapels complete with dimples. 
  • Gas station called, "Stinker Fuel Stop".  
  • Semi loaded with big, chunky rocks on a flat bed.  Yeah, felt really safe near that!
We travelled over plateaus, through the plains, up steep three lane twisty passes and back down again. 

This evening we opted for the KOA in Meridian, Idaho near Boise.  After some quick BBQ'd burgers, Micha took the boys for a swim in the indoor pool and I bashed off some quality marking :). 

It is blissfully quiet and I am ready for bed. 

Enjoy the photos. Tomorrow we are heading to Ely, Nevada. .. .. 

Mr. Thirsty was VERY thirsty today. 

We arrived at 30 minutes to closing so they let us in free.
Thank you!

Cement factory.  We wondered how they made that dome. 

And you thought I was kidding. . .. . .nope. 

View from Dominic's window. Yikes!

And this is where we rest our heads tonight. 

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