Saturday, 21 March 2015

Day 9: Phoenix - Desert Trails

A few things not mentioned in the RV Park description:

  • Located at the end of the runway of a small airport.  Today must have been landing and take-off practice for the local flying school. 
  • Our site backs on to a small road that provides access for very large semi's.  They start work early!
Being up early, I was able to see 8 - 10 hot air balloons rising into the desert sky.  They were pretty far off and heading in the opposite direction hence no pictures. 

Online last night, I discovered a local park just 12 minutes north of us that is part of the Phoenix Sonoran Desert Preserve. We set off with GPS in hand to the general area and happily stumbled upon the trailhead parking lot complete with trail maps, washrooms and horse trailer parking (just in case you brought your horse along). 

Minutes from local shops and subdivisions, this large natural park area is a protected desert ecosystem not longer threatened by the bulldozer of urban development.  What a treasure.  We set off on our bikes to explore the gently rolling terrain with many unusual cacti and wild flowers.  Tourists and locals alike were out on foot and bike on this weekend morning. 

Then we did a complete 180 and stopped by an outlet mall to get some much needed runners for the boys.  I preferred the trail ride :).  We tore through Walmart to stock up on groceries and headed back to camp for lunch.  We are savouring these afternoon pool times as pretty soon we will be heading north to the Grand Canyon were things are just a bit cooler.

The basketball court at the other end of the camp has been a big draw for the boys since all electronics have been put away. .. .let's just say there was some serious whining on the bike outing. . . . luckily no children were harmed. . .. but it was close.  

Alex popped his head into the trailer this afternoon to ask for a broom because the ball became lodged between the hoop and the backboard and then Micha was recruited to help the boys retrieve the ball as it went over the fence into the neighbouring long-term RV storage area.  Lots of entertainment!

Tomorrow we will go to another desert park.  Maybe we will just hike this time ....


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