Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Day 12: Phoenix - Camels and Carousels and Stingrays, oh my!

On our last full day in Phoenix, I woke to see 10 hot air balloons drifting along the horizon.  I imagine the people in the balloons were having a fabulous experience but I was happy to watch them from the ground as I sipped my morning coffee and said hello to seniors walking their dogs.

Arriving shortly after opening, the 'stroller Mom's' scurried around us on their way to their workout in the zoo.  I wish I had a Baby and Me stroller exercise program back in the day. . . .

Our first stop was the Camel ride.  Although it lasted all of 5 minutes, we really enjoyed our gently-swaying stroll perched on top of a camel.

Although the day was very warm and long, we all enjoyed the variety of displays and interesting creatures that we had an opportunity to see.

Dominic and I rode the small carousel.  7 turns, Mama!

Our last stop was at Stingray Bay where we could dip our hands into the water as the stingrays gracefully swam by.

We all savoured our last swim in the late day sun.

Good-bye palm trees and cacti.  Grand Canyon here we come!

PS.  Our internet connectivity is totally unknown so if we fall off the map you can be sure that we are roasting S'mores on the south rim of the Grand Canyon and doing just fine.

Beautiful trees, we will miss you. 

The baby turtle was trash-talking the big turtle and waving its delicate little 'fingers' rapidly in
big turtles' face.  So, my turtle friends... what does that mean?
I did feel the need to clean all the scum off of them.
Scummy because they do not hibernate?

New buds forming.  Spring, Phoenix-style. 

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