Saturday, 19 March 2016

Day 10: Disneyland and California Adventure

Winnie The Pooh was enroute somewhere and not to be stopped.

Random Thoughts:
  • When a ride is closed hang around because we were 2 for 3 in getting right at the front of the line within two minutes of being told the attraction is closed and 'we don't know when it will reopen'. Scored Buzz Lightyear and Big Thunder Mountain. 
  • Take time to notice what bus number you are riding on because at the end of the day there are 19 ART busses to choose from!
  • Oh, I am ever so glad to have waited until the boys were older to come here.  Crying toddlers everywhere.
  • Coming home to our Gypsy Wagon is a delight after a crazy day at Disneyland. While we all enjoyed it - we are not high stimulus, let us battle the crowds kinda people. 

Despite appearing to be very close to Disneyland we are glad to ride the local bus.
Walking around the I-5 ... not so much. 

It's the big day! . . . and they are all sleeping. 

Chicken caesar salad wraps x 3, to go, please. 

Bus stop right at the campground. Nice. 

Pirates of the Caribbean. 

Splash Mountain

Yes, Mama is a screamer. 

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Lunch break in the shade. 

Another orange tree. 

Dominic has better aim than I do.

Checking out the California Adventure park. 

Turkey leg.  It was SO good.  We all took turns gnawing on it.
Grandpa would LOVE it - it was so tender .


  1. January is the best time to visit Disney and certainly not with small children. Later they will not even remember they were there.

    1. We went when I was nine and I do not remember too much.