Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Day 7: Sea World

Sea World.

We did not have to leave too early this morning so I had a chance to start my day with a fresh muffin, strawberries and a coffee on the beach. 

Sea World was very lightly attended today which made this a surprisingly pleasant experience. After our full day seeing and learning about these splendid animals we drove back to our campsite to enjoy the late afternoon and evening on the bluff overlooking the ocean. After showers and dinner we took a walk across the railway tracks to a local donut shop that was recommended to me.  It did not disappoint. Donuts at sunset - what a delight!

Rise and shine. 

Flaminos - these birds have the most intricate legs and beaks.

Tailgate lunch. You may not bring food in but you can go in and out.
This was a nice break.

Who knew Sea World had rides?  We had a nice cooling off on this one. 

Our tacky tourist shot of the day.
Nice white sunscreen skin :).

Gotcha!  The bluffs are teaming with these small marmot like prairie dogs.
Maybe they are just really big squirrels?
They are enjoyable to watch as they duck from hole to hole.
This one was after some mango skins in the fire pit left by previous campers.

Feeling human again after a good shower. Time to enjoy the ocean view. 

This is a surfer's paradise. This is our view as we walk back across the tracks
to our campground after getting our donuts.

Tomorrow I will be taking an evening spin class with Trainer Mike and we will miss the sunset hence so many pictures today.

We didn't want to miss any good ones!
The orange is my favourite but I may have to try the maple just to be sure.

Donuts at sunset - good idea, Mama.

We are in for the night . . . 

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