Monday, 14 March 2016

Day 5: Los Banos, CA to San Diego, CA

Site 39 - it is a keeper.
Los Banos, CA to San Diego, CA
367 Miles

After four days of keeping my eye on the prize - we have arrived at San Elijo State Beach campground. 

Tomorrow I head off to Studio Sweat to take a TRX Spin class with owner and lead trainer, Catherine Kom. I will also have an opportunity to meet a few of the other trainers after the class. Who knew that when I hit 'subscribe' I would one day get to spin with these trainers in person?! 

Today I faced my biggest worry - how to gracefully careen through LA on I-5 towing a travel trailer without getting in an accident or being delayed for hours in thick traffic. Spoiler alter - it went mostly like a charm and it all ended well. 

Having canvassed anyone who would listen, Trip Advisor and even the kindly clerk at the KOA last night it seemed that my window of opportunity was from about 10 am - 1:00 pm.  This meant getting up at 6:00 am which is actually 5:00 am given that we just had the Spring Ahead switch to daylight savings time.  

The boys got up like troopers and we were gassed up and on the happy highway by 6:20 am. 

The highway miles leading into LA were peaceful, flat and much like driving from Ladner to Whiterock.  Another surprise mountain range and in a few hours the highway increased in lanes and traffic. 

The traffic was heavy but moving very quickly, as in, I was getting consistently passed on both sides as I did 60 mph. The surface of this highway is in need of repair but how do you repair roads that are never empty?!  So, we rattled our way south at top speed and arrived at our destination after about 7 hours which is exactly what our KOA clerk had suggested would be the case. Smart lady.

We pulled off the I-5 about 10 miles north of our campground so that we could trickle along the old Highway 101 to soak up some ambience and settle my nerves after our epic flight through LA. Oceanside and Carlsbad are simply beautiful.  

Having used Google Maps street view I had a general idea of what our specific campsite would look like and we were not disappointed.  We are situated on a bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean which is teaming with rollers and surfers. 

It would be too simple if this was the end of the story. 

After I had backed the Gypsy Wagon into her spot Alex chirps up, "Hey, Mama, is the cap of the truck supposed to be like that?"

No! No, the cap of the pick up truck should not be sticking 2 inches back over the tailgate.

It seems that as we jiggled through LA the cap also jiggled.  Seriously!? 

This is just so wrong. 

Keith's Automotive to the rescue.

$5.00 and 5 minutes after arriving at Keith's Automotive - they climbed over and around all of my kit and kabootle in the back and had the 4 C-clamps off, the cap properly seated and the clamps back on and cranked as hard as humanly possible.  

Keith's Automotive saved the day!

With no power in our site the boys are actually doing normal things like playing Hangman and then wrestling.  Hmm, maybe save the wrestling for outside tomorrow?

We are delighted to be here but now it is time for bed - tomorrow will be another full day.

We followed this truck for a VERY long time and made great milage today.
The one time we slowed down. 

Carlsbad, CA.  We could not resist hopping out to see the beach.
The low flying pelicans were very prehistoric looking.

Yah, it is an ocean ....
Three pelicans coming our way as we drive along the 101. 

San Elijo State Beach. This is on the beach immediately below our site. 

Sleep tight.


  1. Last year when we returned to Canada through Atlanta it took 3 hours to travel 20 miles and that was in the early afternoon. Hopefully it will be better this Thursday when we are driving home.

  2. Looks like you are having a wonderful trip so far, Heather and boys! Can't wait for the update after your Spin Class. :)

    1. Just got my work done for the day so now on to updating the blog for today. My Spin class, rocked!