Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Day 13 - Disneyland The REALLY Early Bird Gets the Worm Part 2

Domo is the Coaster King.  6 rides in 90 minutes on California Screaming. 

After a late night I knew that this REALLY early start today may end badly. We got up at 5:30 am to be on the bus at 6:15 am to be at the park at 6:30 am to get in line for the 7:00 am Magic Morning. With our 3 day pass we are permitted to enter Disneyland on one of the days an hour early. Some rides like the Matterhorn do not have Fast Passes available so today was the day.

We rode Space Mountain and the Matterhorn first thing.  Domo ran across the park to secure Fast Passes for Indiana Jones while Alex and I hopped onto the Nemo Submarines since the line was so short.  We met up for the Storyland boat tour and were right on time for our Indiana Jones ride. We scooped up a Big Thunder Railroad Fast Pass on the way and were off to a roaring start. 

Switching parks in mid-morning allowed us to get new Fast Passes for the California Screaming roller coaster.  Alex decided he would like to go back to camp to listen to the Blue Jays cream Detroit 16-1 on the radio so we kept his pass which allowed us more Fast Passes than people. I rode the rollercoaster once which was enough.  Due to my advancing age my stomach just isn't what it used to be.  This is how Dominic scored 6 rides in 90 minutes.  We pulled two sets of three Fast Passes one hour apart and he was set. 

By 2 pm we came back to camp, too.  Laundry, gas, groceries, dinner and another day is in the books. 

Tomorrow we travel north along Highway 1 to Pismo which is about halfway up to San Francisco. 

Isn't this how we traveled to Disneyland in 1980?!  I am having flashbacks. 

We're done. 

Domo!!!  Look what we saw at the neighbourhood Walmart. These are grocery only Walmarts. 

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