Sunday, 20 March 2016

Day 11: Sabbath - The Forgotten Pleasures of a Day of Rest

DISCLAIMER: I stole today's title from the internet while trying to find the poem about doing nothing and then needing to rest . . . 

Originally we thought that we would take one day to 'drive around LA' and see the sights between our 3 days of park hopping.  Turns out no one wanted to get in the truck and drive around - can't imagine why not?!

So, we perfected our sloth.  It was lovely. 

Ticket to Ride occupied our morning. And, an outing to the fast food place Sonic filled our midday. 

We can check that off the list and it is safe to say we never need to go back there.  Ew.

After that we needed a rest so we each found a cozy spot to read. The murphy bed which turns into a couch in this trailer has been genius in terms of being a great floor plan. 

Assume your resting position:
Bunk for Domo
Dinette for Alex
Couch for Me - it is long enough to fully lay out - perfect.

It was decided that we really should go to the pool which is all of two sites over to the left; however, when we peaked around the corner the sight of a pool full of small people had us turing right around again.  We are so sheltered. 

We quickly retreated to our perches for another rest after that strenuous effort. 

Now, night has fallen and the parrot that lives on the porch of the permanent trailer across the road is making screaming/crying sounds - nice!  This is becoming an eventful day after all. 

Tomorrow we have a plan to rise early to be at California Adventure before the 8 am opening to get a ride on the California Screaming Coaster.  Then a few turns around Goofy's Flying School will be in order. 

We were disappointed that this Drive In does not have the trays that stretch across the inside of the cab from window to window like the original White Spots had/have in British Columbia.  And, the food was no comparison.  Now we know.

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