Thursday, 24 March 2016

Day 15: Pismo to San Francisco - Hands at 10 and 2 with no looking back

The Pacific Coast Highway - heading north!
Pismo To San Francisco. . . the long way

We drove the Pacific Coast Highway north from Pismo to Carmel by the Sea.  Shortly after we opted for a more main highway to get to our goal - San Francisco.

This drive makes the road to Tofino look like child's play.  I am glad we did it because now my curiosity has been satiated. While driving this route with a trailer is doable is not exactly relaxing. It was hard to look at the scenery, take pictures and enjoy the ride while keeping the Gypsy Wagon between the lines and hoping oncoming drivers were doing the same around the countless blind corners.

What boggles the mind are the people who choose to bike this route with all manner of panniers and bike trailers. Passing them on blind corners and over the crests of rolling hills on roads with no shoulders was a head scratcher.

A highlight was the Elephant Seal rookery near San Simeon.  This is a simply beautiful location and the seals were plentiful and really close up.  They are also kind of smelly but not as smelly as the poor roadkill skunk we passed.

Tomorrow the highlight of Alex's day will be a drive to the AT & T baseball stadium.  I am looking forward to seeing the Golden Gate bridge, the curviest street (hey, didn't we do that today?!) and Fisherman's Wharf.

We are in for the night in San Francisco!

The boys are in their bunks . . . farting and giggling. . . sigh. All is well.

Morning coffee walks are a treasure to be savoured. 

Sunrise over Pismo Beach. 

The creatures are awake. 

First stop - Morrow Rock. 

Bonus - a 1972 submarine emergency extraction machine of wonder. 

Stop #2 - Elephant Seal Rookery just north of San Simeon. 

It is impossible to see just how massive these creature are.
It is a big lazy love-in. 

 A tiny critter that Alex spotted beside the path. 

Shoulders?  Bah, who needs that!?

There will be no looking back . . . 

Alex, where is the next gas station?  In Gorda.  OK, perfect. . . or not.
No sooner did I get to the pump did the blinds close and an I'll be back sign
appear in the door.  Nice.

Fine, I'll use VISA instead of cash. Or not.  Check out the price - oh my!

Naturally growing pampus grass.  Dad successfully grew this at our home in British Columbia for years. 

Road work. 

Gassing up in Big Sur.  We thought Big Sur was a city - not so much.
Redwoods everywhere and cars parked all over the place along the highway. What are they doing?

San Francisco RV Resort - a parking lot with services . . . at a very steep price $75/night.

This brings 'cram and jam' up to a whole new level.  I physically cannot walk between the trailers on the one side.
The other side has about a 3 foot ease between the trailers. 

This park is located on a bluff overlooking the ocean. Recently it was discovered that the ocean is undercutting this high bluff.  Notice the chunk of ground missing along the left. This part fell away as there was no asphalt to hold it up.

This parking lot has location but that is about all. 


  1. Bare knuckle driving around the big cities in the States. With a big trailer behind you it must be nerve wrecking.

  2. I think I can just about say that we have done it all. From screaming through 5 lanes of traffic in LA at 65 mph, winding our way along the Pacific Coast Highway through Big Sur, up and down mountains with snow squals in southern Oregon . . . Tomorrow, my personal highlight, will be to drive through the Avenue of the Giants in near Humboldt State Park in the Redwood Forest of northern California.