Saturday, 12 March 2016

Day 3: Portland, OR to Corning, CA

Portland, OR to Corning, CA
456 Miles

Ah, how nice it is to slowly wake, listening to the birds, as you check a few news sites.  You calmly browse through the Weather Network only to see that there are high wind and flooding advisories where you are about to go to.

Suddenly, you are wide awake and the Gypsy Wagon is on 30 Minutes Notice to Move!

The wind was to be worse later in the day so we hit the happy highway in record time - 7:09 am.

Random Things:

  • Daffodils on the side of the road make for cheery travel
  • Oreo Cookie Cows:  Black head and front legs, white middle, black behind.
  • Fields of contented sheep, spring calves.
  • Gleaned from CBC Radio One:  How to run a KKK sting when you are an African American police officer, why many pro athletes are broke within five years of retirement - OK that is not rocket science.  The Debaters:  Cats vs. Dogs, and a timely comedy sketch about how family vacations are all about paying too much money to stand in lines at Disney Land and how it is all about going from place to place eating - hmm, that might sound familiar in a week or so. And, on Rewind, how the advertisement jingle got its start.  We are edumacated now!
  • Casinos are smokey, loud places but they have great RV Parks and buffets.
  • While we do expect snow in mountain passes in early March this was in direct conflict with our 'seeking the sun' vacation bliss bubble. 
  • Today's drive went from never ending rolling mountain passes to never ending grassy fields. We felt like we drove from the top of the Coquihalla down through Hope to Chilliwack and back a few times. 

Driving south through northern Oregon we were treated to cheerful banks of roadside daffodils.

Dominic takes one for the team and dives into the abyss for some Gatorade.

So many options - I just need some Half and Half ..... 

Getting passed by Three Trailer Man.

We needed a snokel today. 

And, our snow tires. Good thing my 'summers' are rated for Snow and Mud. 

Going down!

I said, "Pardon!?"

Just inside California we stopped to fill up Mr. Thirsty.  The gas station attendant came walking out very briskly after I took this photo asking me why I was taking pictures.  When I said it was for my photo book he was the one scratching his head.

As we planned this trip the town of Weed, CA caught the eye an imagination of the boys. So, of course we had to stop here.

There was much speculation as to whether or not Dominic could wear a Weed, California toque to school.
Mama's Drive Through.

The olive fields and creeks were swollen with the recent rains.
The power of suggestion.  We saw these billboards for about 100 miles inviting us to park our RV at this luscious casino and partake of their generous buffet.  Well, we are very happily situation in a fine RV park with full bellies.  It was a little smoky inside but after a long day on the road we were not feeling too picky. 

Hmm, this is what happens when I am running the water and sewer lines. . .. .

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