Friday, 18 March 2016

Day 9: Lego Land to Anaheim

Today we must bid adieu to our picturesque campsite on the bluff of San Elijo State Beach. Our time in San Diego was all that I thought it would be and more. 

We quenched the parched Mr. Thirsty last night with a quick fill on our way back to camp after my evening spin with Trainer Mike.  That made it a pretty painless pack up and skedaddle kind of morning. 

Our City Pass included a ticket to Legoland which is a mere 20-30 minutes north.  This park is lovely but geared towards a much younger audience.  That said, we did have fun in the bumper boats and strolling through Miniland USA.  Here we saw a number of places that we have visited in real life such as New York and Las Vegas in addition to places where are going like San Fransisco. 

Today is Friday. We are driving north into Los Angeles on a Friday towing a large travel trailer.  Am I nuts!?  Well, yes, but in a calculated kind of way.  I aimed to leave Legoland no later than 1 pm.  We managed to hit the happy highway at 12:30 pm and experienced only minor slow downs on our way. 

The internet can be a wonderful trip planning tool and the google street view and Trip Advisor recommendations did not disappoint.  We are situated very close to Disneyland at the Anaheim RV Resort at 200 Midway Avenue.  This is a large, clean, treed, somewhat grassy and considerably spacious RV park.  There are coaches and 5th wheels that seem to be larger than my regular home. We look like the somewhat poorer relations. That said, we are cozy in the Gypsy Wagon enjoying the power, wifi, pool and laundry facilities on our afternoon and evening off. 

Of course, we had to watch a few episodes of Corner Gas because that's what we do on a road trip.

Dominic is not feeling all that well these last few days so he is all propped up in my big bed having a little resty rest.

Tomorrow we go to Disneyland - a first for the boys. 

Random Thoughts:
- Navigating on your phone using Google Maps consumes gigantic amounts of data. That all makes sense in hindsight.  Ugh.
- Take your tourist picture at the gate on the way out - it is far less crowded then. 

Spraying people with water never gets old.

We were in Las Vegas exactly one year ago today.
San Fransisco's curviest street - it's on our list!

Yes, we are tourists taking pictures of the orange tree in our campsite.

My made in China, purchased in Kelowna Mickey Mouse finally got to come out of the storage cupboard. 

Alex and I ran some scenarios through Ride Max for tomorrow.
Ew, 100 minute wait for Space Mountain, no thanks. 

Pie for $2.49!?  We were not too concerned about the no sugar part because somehow Alex got a big tub of ice cream into the cart. 

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