Thursday, 17 March 2016

Day 8: USS Midway

Random Thoughts:

  • The HOV lane is our friend. It has saved our bacon all three afternoons on our way back to the campground from Downtown San Diego.
  • Faster is better.  When navigating 6 lanes of highway it is better to go faster and just slide your way around from lane to lane. 
  • Asking the wise Navy volunteers which order to see things on the USS Midway was genius. The gentleman directed us to the Bridge Tour.  We had an almost personal tour.  Later in the day the lines were long and the groups were up to 20 at a time. 
  • Sometimes walking is over-rated.  Taking the truck 2.0 kms in the heat of the day to check out Petco Field was MUCH better than walking there and back. 
  • In-N-Out Burger has a good thing going.  With very few menu items their operation is slick and yummy according to the boys. 

We found it - Petco Field.  Home of the San Diego Padres. 

One last spin class.  How nice to meet a Studio Sweat On Demander who lives in San Diego!

Getting ready for my class with Trainer Mike.

Core work means we are almost done. 

We can tick In-N-Out Burger off the list!

Beautiful parking lot flowers.
We are in for the night.
Tomorrow - Legoland and a move to Anaheim. 

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