Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Day 14: North to Pismo Beach via the Pacific Coast Highway

A palm tree in my backyard, kinda. 

Anaheim, CA to Pismo Beach, CA
204 miles

The party is over, real life cranky boys.  It was easier to get them to sit in the truck than get them to help me this morning.  Dominic who is usually in fine form and can back me on to the ball in one fell swoop had me driving forward and backward like a Bolo Ball.  I kindly thanked and dismissed him and then got the truck backed onto the ball in one go.  Yes, they are tired. 

We waited until 10:30 am to hopefully miss the morning traffic.  This started out well; however, we did manage about 1 hour of stop and go traffic before finally hitting the Pacific Coast Highway.  Our cruise along the beach was beautiful.  At first we thought we were seeing some naval vessels off the coast; however, it soon became apparent that these are oil platforms.  We saw a documentary not so long ago about how these become difficult for migrating whales and their young to navigate. 

In Ventura we faithfully followed the California Welcome centre signs hoping to get some information about what our route options were like:  154 north or stay on the Pacific Coast Highway around the peninsula.  Well, after following a few signs we must have missed one because we ended up going around a few round-abouts in a new subdivision.  We thought that was a rip off and got back onto the highway muttering about the California Not Welcome centre :). 

The GSP led us north on the 154 which happens to take you up a steep windy two lane trail up and over the mountains.  It was pretty!

Fast forward because I am tired, too. . . we have a lovely overnight spot right near the ocean.  It was a short walk to the pier and the touristy main street.  I did get my diner experience at the Cool Cat Cafe. We had to think of teacher Mrs. Wolters, now Mrs. Ferro, who is Momma Cool Cat to all of her Grade 5 students.  Burgers all around and a quick walk back to catch the setting sun.  Now we are all in our lounging positions watching Corner Gas. 

We are in for the night at Pismo Beach.  Tomorrow, San Francisco.  The boys don't know yet that we are taking the coast highway which turns 3 1/2 hours of driving into 5 1/2 hours of driving. That will be our little secret. 

It's the Good Year Blimp!

A nice pull-out for lunch. Wouldn't you know it, there was a great stretch of beach a mile down the road. 

Lots of colourful cacti - so much more vibrant in person. 

Who knew!?  Santa Claus Lane!
Strawberry fields. 

Grape vineyards. 

Cresting the peak on the 154 and heading down into Los Alamos just south of Santa Maria.

Pismo Coast Village RV.
I am claiming my personal palm tree. 

We had a lovely little view of the river and the ocean beyond before our neighbour arrived. 

Succulent ground cover all over the dunes. 

Camp stores are a feast for the eyes. 

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