Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Day 6: Studio Sweat, San Diego

Selifes with Cat Kom at Studio Sweat before she worked the stuffing out of me in her TRX Spin class. 

Today was the day that I have been looking forward to for a very, very long time. I went, in-person, to take a spin class at Studio Sweat. They have an online subscription service called Studio Sweat on Demand that I have been a member of for the last number of years. All of their Spin, TRX, and Sculpt workouts are taped live at their San Diego location.

I was deeply touched at how a number of the trainers came, some on their time off, to be at the studio after class to warmly welcome me:  Cat, Bethany, Mere W., Mike and Olga.

It is sometimes difficult to explain how it is possible to feel connected to people that you have never met yet are being trained by in an asynchronous online environment. Whatever the special sauce is - it is working for me.  The trainers at Studio Sweat work hard to be connected and it is appreciated.

For the past two years I have had the pleasure of hosting a group of SSoD members in a private Facebook space where we cheer each other on towards 'progress not perfection' in our personal health journeys.

This morning I was posting pictures before, during and after my workout and remain convinced that their work output dropped for the hour as they all commented and cheered me on.

After my special morning we drove back to the camp where we did a quick presto-chango and moved the trailer to the site right beside.  This park is tough to get into so we took one night in Site 39 and then the next three nights in Site 38.  This little relocation cruise allowed us to drive around the loop and pull into the sani-dump for a little clean up and fresh water as our sites have no services. So, it was good all around.

After lunch we headed off to downtown San Diego which is about 30 minutes south to check out Old Town San Diego.  My neighbour had sent me a cryptic text message asking us to drop by the olive shop for some Orange flavoured Olive Oil. We were on a mission.  As it would happen we entered the Old Town market area very close to the said Olive store but ended up walking the opposite way around.  Finally, after just about giving up we saw our target just as we were about to give up.  Score!  Olive Oil for Aunty Flo :).

We managed to leave downtown at 3 pm and beat the rush. Smart.

A fellow Studio Sweat on Demand member who also lives in San Diego suggested a great little market store close to the campground.  Since we needed some supplied we crossed the highway and the railroad tracks and walked a few short blocks to the best corner grocery store ever.  They even had a Tuesday taco stand outside where a fellow was serving up HUGE burritos filled with steak, chicken or fish, rice, black beans, cheese and cilantro for $6.00.  These were 3 lb burritos.

We had talked about driving north back to Oceanside to visit the historic Cafe 101 diner and the boys could not be convinced to take a pass on that have burritos instead. Sigh.

So, after dropping the groceries off in the trailer we had a lovely oceanside drive north in search of our diner. This turned into a rather slow, long drive and we were getting hungry. Ah, finally, there it is.  And, there is ample parking - how nice!

Hmm, no wonder there was lots of parking - this diner is open from 7 am - 2:00 pm!  That was a little detail I seem to have missed on Trip Advisor. Back we went, taking the I-5 this time, to the market in the hopes that Burrito Man was still serving.  Lucky us, he was.

90 minutes after we first saw the tempting taco stand we finally had supper. It was delicious.

We experienced another stunning sunset and then hunkered down in the trailer.  I have been forcing myself to get my day job done before working on the blog which is very good and responsible of me; however, my eyes are drooping.  With the slow internet speeds you may only get a few shots tonight.

Tomorrow - Sea World.

Got my biking cleats, ready to go.

Add caption

It looks so much bigger in real life.

Taking pictures while spinning is no easy feat.  I am in the centre in red.

No energy for smiles - this is tough work!

The boys chilled in the child minding room since it was open and had wifi, bonus. 

Warm welcomes by trainers: Mere W., Cat Kom, Mike and Bethany.

Old Town, San Diego

We found your Orange Olive Oil, Flo!
Old Town, San Diego.  A replica kitchen from the mid 1800's. 
A pelican 'show' as we drove down the highway. 

We can taste those burgers!

Domo's face says it all:  Closed
Open 7 am - 2 pm. Hmm, that's a detail. 

All was not lost.  We went back to the market and picked up the biggest, badest, burritos ever.

Feeling fine . . . 

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