Sunday, 9 August 2015

Day 1: Tour de Rock Begins!

Kelowna to Richmond, BC.

Well, the sad reality is that we will have to leave Hotel Lake behind, forget about the week we spent at Green Bay Bible Camp and get current!

Yesterday we had an uneventful drive over the mountains from Kelowna to Richmond for a few days of Urban Camping on my parent's driveway.  We will be travelling from the Lower Mainland to Vancouver Island for our 'Tour de Rock' in a few days.

Dad and my nephew, Seth, spent three long, windless days trying to sail the Lady Jayne down from Pender Harbour to Steveston.  This year the Lady Jayne is being shown in the Richmond Maritime Festival.

While we zoomed over the mountains, my nephew, Andrew (Mike's oldest), flew from Indianapolis, IN to Vancouver.  Andrew will be sailing the Lady Jayne back to Pender Harbour with Dad after the festival is over. Nice!

Hey, there is a racoon on the back fence climbing around in the wisteria vines.  Cool!

Sandwich break at the Britton Creek rest area near the old toll-booth on the Coquihalla.

Urban camping in Richmond.

Dad's grapes are coming along. 

Cousin Mark acquired a 'new' mast for his laser. 

Much analysis on what needs to be fixed and what will work. 

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  1. "Sandwich break at the Britton Creek rest area near the old toll-booth on the Coquihalla".

    Ha!. . . The Coque :-). . . The Highway to Hell it is called. . .if I am not mistaken. . . .

    Every week I get to see this highway on the Discovery Channel in the "Jamie Smith Tow/Wrecker Trucks Circus". . . also featuring in The Fraser Canyon and in the Oil Sands Region of Alberta! . . .This way we get to see "pieces" of Canada I know every week . . . . it keeps me tuned-in on Canada J. . . .

    We find it interesting “material” to see Jamie and his "Boys" tackle everything on wheels that goes over the edges of the roads back on to the pavement, or clear the road of heaps of scrap metal from giant trucks that crashed. . .to keep the traffic flowing.

    What is the root of the name “Coquihalla”? . . .
    Is it not the section of the Trans Canada Highway that goes over the Rockies?