Saturday, 1 August 2015

Day 11: Talent Show and Anniversary Potluck - Really, we are keeping it simple this year!

This year Mom and Dad celebrate 52 years of marriage. Wow!

Every year we say, "This year, we are going to keep it simple."  Yeah, that never happens. . . ..

Mom secretly makes extra dishes and Dad takes an early morning walk to pick wild flowers to fashion into two amazing bouquets. Cream puffs of amazing proportions are whipped up, potatoes peeled and the list goes on.

The 6th Annual Talent Show was a roaring success.  Acts included:

  • 'Oh Canada' sung by Emma and Jackson. 
  • 'As Time Goes By' sung by Ty's Great-Grandpa. 
  • Grandma Loenen shows the bears and sweaters she knits for children in third-world countries
  • Grandpa Loenen demonstrates how to be Superman with a talk and demonstration of his wooden pulleys that he made for the Lady Jayne (wooden sailboat). 
  • Marianne and myself presented the "Sister Act: A Day in the Life of Hotel Lake".  Shaelynn and Yvette were our 'arms'.  
  • Kestrel shares an amazing mental math trick followed by the now famous disappearing watermelon trick.  She cuts up a watermelon and everyone lines up for a piece and voila, the watermelon has disappeared!

Anniversary Preparations:
Notice the amazing anti-tip vase holding devices of wonder!

This picture deserves a slow look.  I see the canoe under sheets, the steam box for bending
wood complete with an electric kettle underneath, and one of the new dining room chairs in progress  . .... 

This card game went on all afternoon!

Hmm, need a little practice on your entries, Jeff. 

Jordan and Roger trying get Ike into the water. 

The party dock has an early departure because
today, we are busy!!

The 6th Annual Talent Show: 

'As Time Goes By' sung by Ty's Great-Grandpa.

Part of the audience

The Disappearing Watermelon trick. 
Pulley power!

Name flags are written for our personal cream puffs. 

Mom takes a break to watch World Cup soccer!

 Potluck time:
Roger is BBQ-ing yummy delights!

Dad leads us in prayer. 

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