Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 12: Sointula - Museum, Hobbit Hike and Orca delights

On our first full day on Malcolm Island we headed to town to get propane, do some much needed laundry, check out the co-op store and visit the museum.

In the afternoon we hiked to Bere Point and further along the Beautiful Bay trail.  This forest trail brings us through a Hobbit-like world of typical rainforest.  There are a number of beach accesses cut through the salal bushes and we peak out to see if there are any Orca rubbing on the pebbled beaches.

When we were almost back to our site, campers alerted us to a small group of orca swimming off in the distance.  Lots of dorsal fins and a few spy-hops. Later, we saw the spouts and backs and two humpback - also pretty far off.

A grey morning but lovely none-the-less. 

Island life. 

Self-serve organic produce.  "It's like a vending machine, Mama!"

The Co-op!

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