Sunday, 2 August 2015

Day 12: Canada Day: How to Salvage a Boat for Two Beer

Canada Day means that out come the flags, T-shirts, tattoos and the day is spent in all manor of water craft on the lake.

Jeff entertained us with his inflatable paddle board balancing acts of wonder.

Micha, Calvin and Jordan paddled to the far end of the lake to salvage a small sunken row boat.  Jordan insisted on swimming back while towing the boat the entire way.  That was a REALLY long swim!

Now that the boat was salvaged, what to do with it?!  Well, put it by the side of the road of course.  It was gone in a jiffy and the new 'owner' pulled two beer out from behind the seat.  Nice!

Even Bailey gets decorated. 
Summer marking stops for no one.  Everyone gets an A today! OK, maybe not. 
Jordan and his 'find'. 

More games. . . .

SUP with Jeff. 

The Party Dock is departing right on schedule.  Jeff is learning with Calvin how to roll the kayak. 

Calvin is checking out the local slime. 

We get a really good look at the beaver this evening as he hops out to groom himself on a log. 

More baseball up on the sewer field. 

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