Friday, 28 August 2015

Day 19: Restored Roots and Fish Wishes

The power of technology has saved the day.  There is a hair salon 800 meters from our site with an opening at 11 am TODAY!

This is very exciting as my hair has taken a dramatic turn for the worse since, a few months ago, my amazing stylist decided to move to . . . . .Bahrain :).

While I soaked up the salon feeling, Calvin took the boys into Tofino to fish from the wharf.  Well, their fish wish came true with Jordan and Calvin bringing in two good sized perch.  Lunch is served.

Our afternoon was spent at Chesterman Beach:  surfing, boogy-boarding, hermit crabs, goose-necked barnacles.

Micha sends us pictures of the front of the house as he is home installing new windows in the boys' rooms.  It looks wonderful!

We end the day with a fire on the beach and perfect sunsets.

A new do.

Lunch is served!  A hour ago it was swimming. 

Alex finds a hermit crab. 

Gooseneck barnacle exposed at low tide 

Jordan finds another hermit crab. 

Getting ready for a beach fire. 

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