Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Day 3: Sailors, Science World, Baseball and Steveston

Day 3:

Morning came early for Dad and Andrew.  They crammed and jammed their supplies into the car in order to be down at the Lady Jayne by 7 am.  A fellow presenter at the Marine Festival was leaving north and offered to tow the Lady Jayne out past the break waters and out of the shipping lanes if the tidal action was not favourable.  Since the little lawnmower engine in the Lady Jayne is not the strongest this was a welcome offer.  As it turned out the tides were helpful and the Lady Jayne cleared the shipping lanes with ease.

We were happy to get a call from Andrew in the early afternoon.  They were safely moored at Keats Island across from Gibsons, BC.

Micha is also in town visiting friends.  He came by to get the boys in the afternoon and took them to Science World and then they checked out Stanley Park while waiting for the baseball game to start.

Mom and I took advantage and had a delightful fish and chips dinner in Steveston.

This 'cruise' comes complete with bottled water and cans of Chunky soup. Nice!

Alex is stirring the apricot jam while Grandma gets more jars.

There is no place like Grandma's bed when feeling punky.

Enough laying around with a cold - it is time to go to Science World, Stanley Park and a Vancouver Canadians game. 

Mom and I enjoy fish and chips at Dave's in Steveston. Yum!

Micha, who is in town visiting friends, came by to get the boys and check out Science World and Stanley Park. 

Alex and Dominic watch the Vancouver Canadians with Papa. 

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