Saturday, 22 August 2015

Day 11: Relocation Cruise to Malcolm Island

Today we leave Alert Bay and are off to Sointula which is on Malcolm Island.

Before we leave, we have an enjoyable stroll down the main street and have some coffee and hot chocolate at Culture Shock.

First we take the ferry back to Port McNeill on Vancouver Island.  When we get off the ferry we make a tight U-turn around the toll booth, flashing our turn-around card, and get right back on the ferry.  This way we will be facing the right way around.

Once on Malcolm Island we pass through Sointula and make our way to Bere Point Campground.  The paved road gives way to a rather narrow gravel road.  I really hope that we do not meet anyone as there is literally no place for two vehicles to pass.

Waiting for the ferry.

Really hoping we do not meet anyone on this road . ... 

Enjoying the sun and watching the real cruise ships go by 

It's like camping in a tree house. 

This pebble beach is perfect for skipping rocks. 

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