Sunday, 16 August 2015

Day 8: Kayaking in the Estuary

This was our last full day at the Living Forest Oceanside Campground in Nanaimo.

We did a whole lot of nothing until the early afternoon and that was great.  I finally motivated myself to get out of my chair and took the truck down to the boat launch with the inflatable kayak. Yes, Alex thought that if I set it up, he would like to come, too.  Hmm, I seem to have passed my 'lazy' on to my son :).

It was well worth the effort as we saw:

  • Eagles
  • Herons
  • Mergansers
  • Sandpipers
  • Kingfishers
  • Turkey vultures; and,
  • Some kind of weasel - it disappeared fast. 

My chauffeur. 

These 'teenagers' were supervised by one adult.  They would swim with their heads just under the surface chasing after minnows.  The water would balloon over their head and necks.  Unfortunately, my iPhone just didn't capture that. 

The white dot is a beautiful Kingfisher.  You had to see it in person. . .  .

Good night, Nanaimo. 

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