Monday, 24 August 2015

Day 14: Rainbow's End - a Golfers Delight

Thinking we were all that and a bag of chips, we arrived at the Sointula ferry at 9:30 am for the 11:00 am sailing.  The previous sailing left at 9:00 am so we are certain to get on ..... well, not this time. 

In Sointula, ferry traffic parks along 1st Street on the side of the road.  So, you have to squeeze in between any resident cars that may already be parked there.  Hence, the really bad parking job that left the tail end of the trailer clearly taking up half of the roadway.  

We get to the top of the ramp and the ferry man gives me a very firm 'stop' signal. No worries, we will wait.  No, no, he is now asking if I am comfortable backing up. . . it is beginning to dawn on me that we are not getting on this particular sailing.  So, I back up, up a hill, across 1 st Street and watch three cars get waved ahead and crammed on to the end of the ferry.  There is nothing to do except get ourselves around the block and to the end of the ferry line up.  

So, we ended up cooling our heels along 1st Street for almost 5 hours.  At least it was sunny!

Once in Port McNeill we stocked up at the local IGA, filled Mr. Thirsty and headed south along the Island Highway about 90 minutes to Sayward.  We are spending the night at the home of my colleague, Janet and John Rainbow.  Together they created and developed Rainbow's End golf course. 

First we were treated to a yummy rib dinner and then Janet lead the boys and I through 5 holes of golf.  Having never golfed before the boys were in all their glory driving the golf cart and chasing the little white ball through the most beautifully cultivated forest golf course ever.   We really did find the end of the Rainbow. 

My shameful parking job. I was not going to leave any empty space as we arrived to line up for the ferry along 1st Street.  There was a  utility trailer parked along the road . . . 

Janet and John's home. 

Our prettiest 'campsite' yet. 

Alex gets par on Hole 5. 

Where else can you golf in socks and flip-flops?! Always keeping it classy, Dominic. 

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