Saturday, 29 August 2015

Day 20: Plane crash site and Gary's Kitchen

This day began with a morning coffee beach walk with my sister.

The boys are getting up later with each passing day.  They are ready to do things around 11 am after scrounging around for their breakfast.

A hiking adventure is on the agenda today.  Park at the Radar hill lot, go back to the highway, walk south 15 telephone poles and enter the forest along a little path.  You will hike to a very creepy abandoned house full of graffiti, walk through it, keep hiking until you stumble upon the crash plane. No problem!

Amazingly, those instructions worked like a charm.  After about a 50 minute hike we arrived at the wreck of a Canso plane that crashed shortly after take-off on February 12, 1945.  There were 12 people on board who apparently all survived.  Read more here.

Alexandre is a fan of American Chinese food.  Well, what do you know, Joe? There is such an establishment right here in Tofino.  Google gave us Gary's Kitchen.  It has been a topic of much delight and anticipation this past week.  Well, tonight's the night!

With trowels and buckets in hand, the boys went down to the beach in the late setting sun to capture hermit crabs and all manner of creatures exposed in the rocks an seaweed at low tide.

Another beach fire - we are spoiled.

An indication that this is indeed the 15th telephone pole. 
Creepy is right!

Some kind of crawly critter on the end of a trowel 

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