Monday, 10 August 2015

Day 2: Hanging with Grandpa and the Lady Jayne

Today is the second full day of the Maritime Festival.  Dad has to be 'on duty' from 11 am  - 5 pm to man his vessel.  The crowds started off lighter than the first day but filled to bursting as the day went on.

Dominic has a nasty cold so we left him at home with Grandma today while Alex, Andrew and I took in the many sites of the festival.

Later that afternoon, Alex and I take the Sky Train to downtown Vancouver so that I can pick up a pile of proctored exam papers that need marking.  Summer session final exams were held this weekend.  Guess what I will be doing tomorrow!?

Andrew, Dad and Alex. 

One large building was dedicated to the arts.  There were live painting sessions, model boats, sailor's Valentine's displays, carving demonstrations and more.  I would not have the patience needed to make this intricate lace!

The Beeksma's and Bomhof's drop by.  Nice!

Getting closer to those exams. . .. .

Alex picks some clothes for himself.  First time shopping at a 'real' clothing store.  "I would like some shorts that are not gym shorts, Mama." Turning 14 next month. Time flies. 

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