Saturday, 15 August 2015

Days 4 and 5: Richmond to Nanaimo, BC.

Today we are greeted to moisture, a perfect time to make some coffee and update the blog while gazing over the estuary where the river meets the ocean here in Nanaimo.

Day 4: Campfireinacan

We are on a quest to acquire a propane camp fire.  I know which one - I just need to get it.  I will wait until I am in Vancouver, I thought, there will be plenty there . . ... Turns out, said product has their main office in Kelowna .. . . . 10 minutes from my house. Sigh.

But, we are in luck.  There is a warehouse in South Surrey where you can pick one up.  So, off we go to Surrey!  Luckily, I can borrow Mom and Dad's 20 lb. propane tank for the rest of our trip.  They will get it back in late September when they travel to our home in Kelowna to harvest apples.  Good, Good.

Day 5:  A Relocation Cruise - Tsawwassen to Duke Point Nanaimo

BC Ferries offers a large discount (The Gypsy Wagon saved about $140 one way) on a few peculiar sailings so we have a reservation on for a sailing 'after 4 pm on a Wednesday'. The 5:45 pm sailing it is.  In order to avoid rush-hour tunnel traffic leaving Richmond, we depart in the early afternoon and check out Boundary Bay Regional Park.  Great choice!

We walked out on the mud flats and the boys played with the skimboard.  The tide was coming in so we had to move back every 5 minutes as our sand bars steadily disappeared. For the first time, our outdoor shower came in handy to hose off two sandy boys.

Once on board the ferry we made our way to the cafeteria and had a White Spot burger seated like royalty at the stern of the boat.  It reminded me of our first dinner on our Alaska cruise last summer with my Mom, aunt and sister.

This journey north and slightly west was very much like that cruise:  good food, beautiful sinking sun on the horizon and even a pod of Orca off the port side.  Not too shabby.

Tonight we are arriving at the Living Forest Oceanside Campground.  Beautiful!

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